Vascular X-ray imaging is a valid diagnostic tool used to image anatomical and structural details of the vascular system by detecting a contrast agent injected into blood vessels for peripheral angiography.
It has many advantages as it achieves real-time and dynamic information, while also offering therapeutic options at the time of initial diagnosis. 
GMM provides a great range of systems suited for any vascular diagnostic procedure, like obstructive vascular diseases, arterio-venous malformations, bleeding vessels, assessment of the vascularity of malignant tumours and also image guided interventional procedures.


All components of a complete exam room combined in a single highly versatile system.

CLISIS Evolution

Efficiency and full rear accessibility in a single product that provides high image quality in a wide variety of routine and emergency examinations.

OPERA Sharp Evolution

Exclusive elevation system and compact design produce a high flexibility in any application.

OPERA Evolution

Ergonomic design and continuously improved technology provide maximum ease of use and optimized cost-performance ratio.


Reliable compact C-arm system combined with high contrast image intensifier.

Symbol FP

Innovative compact C-arm system with flat panel detector.


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