Chest X-rays are the most requested of all radiographic examinations. They are key procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases and rib and spinal fractures. Furthermore, in the past year radiographic examinations of the chest have been crucial in aiding clinical professionals in the detection of COVID-19 related pneumonia.
GMM group provides a variety of systems suited for any routine clinical examination of the thorax and a range of mobile systems that have proved vital in emergency scenarios. 
GMM RF systems feature a Dual Energy option which provides two distinct images enhancing soft and hard tissues respectively, crucial for a comprehensive evaluation of the chest.


All components of a complete exam room combined in a single highly versatile system.

CLISIS Evolution

Efficiency and full rear accessibility in a single product that provides high image quality in a wide variety of routine and emergency examinations.


A multifunctional and configurable ceiling-based system that offers top quality results also in emergency situations.

Calypso F

A multifunctional and configurable compact floor-based system that offers high image quality in every kind of application.

Kalos Evolution

Refined design, reliability, simplicity and imaging software powered by Canon combined in an innovative fully Italian product for all daily activities.

OPERA Sharp Evolution

Exclusive elevation system and compact design produce a high flexibility in any application.

OPERA Evolution

Ergonomic design and continuously improved technology provide maximum ease of use and optimized cost-performance ratio.


A compact and lightweight solution for high quality analog radiography in a variety of environments such as the emergency room, operating theatre and intensive care unit.


Optimal manoeuvrability, compact design and user-friendliness combined in a portable digital radiography system.


A fully motorized, battery powered and compact system that can be easily positioned at the patient’s side achieving high quality analog images.

Accord DR

A motorized and compact digital system that ensures high quality images in a variety of applications and environments. 


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