Mammography Systems

Mammography System

Breast cancer is the most frequent tumour for women all around the world and it is the leading cause of death. Mammography field is crucial not only in preventing the onset of cancer, but also in saving lives.
Thanks to the extensive experience in diagnostic imaging technologies and the continuous research and testing, GMM is able to offer a wide range of mammography solutions.
From the simple screening to tissue samples extraction and analysis, GMM mammography systems aid clinicians to make earlier and more accurate detection exams, ultimately serving the healthcare of women.

Viola DBT Compact Design

The compact and highly versatile digital mammography system with FFDM, breast tomosynthesis, Dual Energy exams and stereotactic and tomo-guided biopsies.

Viola DBT

The advanced and innovative FFDM system offering both stereotactic and tomo-guided biopsy and contrast-enhanced Dual Energy exams.

Viola D

The elegant and comfortable digital mammography unit for both diagnostic exams and stereotactic biopsies.


The user-friendly and ring-shaped analog system ideal for mammography screening exams.


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