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General Overview

“All-in-one” answer to any radiological request.
Born from the combination of a set of radiological components, OPERA Swing is the revolutionary remote-controlled system suited for standard radiological examinations and special clinical applications.
The extremely versatile system, the advanced control console functions and the dose level reduction make OPERA Swing a good ally also in emergency situations.

Total Accessibility

Unconstrained Detector

Autofocusing Grid

GMM Imaging System


Advanced procedures

Dose Reduction

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Total Accessibility

The cantilevered adjustable height table top reaches a minimum floor distance, simplifying procedures also for elderly or patients with limited mobility. The 13 degrees of freedom and the great number of pre-set positions further enhance the system’s total accessibility.
OPERA Swing creates a complete exam room in a single highly versatile system, also suited for emergencies and any situation where a stretcher is required.

Unconstrained Detector

The Unconstrained Detector assembly removes the need for a wall-stand and external cassettes, allowing for an easy and efficient execution of a variety of exams in direct contact with the detector. Thanks to this feature OPERA Swing is a key alley in emergency situations and applications involving lateral and oblique projections.

Autofocusing Grid™

The patented automatic focalization of the grid allows for the execution of exams with a wide range of focal distances removing the need for a manual replacement of the grid.
This technological solution guarantees the execution of radiographic acquisitions with optimal focalization and dose control, avoiding the production of images with lower resolution.

GMM Imaging System

Through a user-friendly interface and fast workflow, GMM Imaging System offers a fully-integrated solution for high image quality.

Dose reduction, intuitive gesture, full range of post-processing functions and DICOM standard compliance are key features in the improvement of diagnostic examinations.


The automatic and synchronized movement of X-ray tube and detector allows the reconstruction of long bone segments, resulting in a single perfect stitched image with limited movement-related artefacts.

Advanced Procedures

GMM provides a range of advanced imagining procedures that answer the needs of various specialized examinations:

  • DSA: for real-time evaluation of upper and lower extremities vascular disease;
  • Dual Energy: to generate two distinct images that enhance soft and hard tissues;
  • Tomosynthesis: for a precise visualization of complex anatomical structures through a significant number of slices.

Dose Reduction

The presence of software algorithms, such as Virtual Grid that improves the visibility of low-contrast parts and a Virtual Scan that enables patient centring without X-ray emission, ensures high image quality with low delivered dose.
Thanks to the minimum dose and removable grid, the system is suited to the needs of paediatric patients.


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