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Opera T

Remote-controlled systems
The remote-controlled systems of the OPERA Series are the expression of the highest degree of evolution in medical diagnostic imaging: a wide range of remote-controlled tables, generators, imaging systems.

Many solutions have been conceived in order to meet the requirements of the different operating conditions and ensure the optimization of the quality-to-cost ratio:

  • 90/30 and 90/90 tilting movement;
  • tabletop height either adjustable or fixed;
  • different tabletop lengths and SID;
  • combination with DFD and TV chain/I.I. or DR flat panel detector or R/F flat panel detector.

The OPERA T remote controlled-tables are proposed with the OPERA G high frequency generators and the OPERA series advanced imaging systems: innovatory solutions that ensure the efficient execution of radiographic and tomographic projections in any demanding application.

The innovatory concept backing up the OPERA systems together with the extraordinary flexibility of configurations, ensure  the best diagnostic results in any procedure:

  • Quick execution of  all radiographic and tomographic projections in any operating condition;
  • Routine and specialized examinations are performed without any limitation with the tabletop tilting from the 30° vertical position or  the  90° trendelenburg  position;
  • Safe and efficient execution of examinations on patients carried on stretchers thanks to the tube stand ample longitudinal travel and the different  focal distance/SID values.