Based on two production plants, located at Seriate (Bergamo) and Cassano delle Murge (Bari), covering a 20,000 square meter area, GMM industrial structure ensures high production volumes with extraordinary flexibility and efficiency.

An advanced software system guarantees the constant control and updating of the manufacturing processes which are performed in full compliance with the latest regulations applying to quality and safety for X-ray medical devices while paying a special attention to environmental and ecology issues.

Furthermore, GMM internal procedures provide for the implementation of demanding controls on purchased material and components, as well as periodical inspections at the suppliers' plants so as to verify their compliance with both Standards requirements and specifications set by GMM Quality System.

Before introducing any product in the market, GMM Production Department carries out a tough final testing protocol aiming at certifying the equipment proper operation and reliability.

Only after passing the whole testing path, GMM products get to hospitals, medical centers, outpatient clinics: guaranteed by a proved reliability and recognized quality.

Our Sourcing and Purchasing function has a considerably important task within the Production process: thanks to its careful and scrupulous selections, GMM Sourcing Department ensures the procurement of  materials and components featured by  premium quality.


Since ever, "Quality" has been representing the leitmotiv of GMM policy: this special attention to Regulatory issues lead to obtain important certifications stating the of the company  with the most stringent Standards  for both products and Quality System. 

GMM's Quality Department ensures full adherence to the requirements set by Standards and Guidelines applying to medical devices since our internal procedures related to product development, production, testing, distribution, reflect GMP methods, severe testing protocols, exacting inspections at the suppliers' plants.

The customers who daily use, evaluate and appreciate our product performances do represent an additional important "certification" for us:  the confirmation that GMM equipment comply with the operators' requirements and expectations.