• VIOLA Series
  • VIOLA Series
  • VIOLA Series

VIOLA Series

VIOLA - analogue mammography system

Analog Mammography system for breast screening.

Versatile and easy to use thanks to its unique face-to-face positioning, VIOLA is able to meet all user’s requirements.

VIOLA D - digital mammography system

Advanced 2D breast screening mammography, combines the VIOLA traditional ring-shaped gantry to the best achievable 2D image quality

VIOLA DBT - digital mammography with tomosynthesis and Dual Energy

Multifunctional unit for both standard and advanced solutions: biopsy with tomosynthesis images with the patient in an upright or prone position

VIOLA DBT Compact Design - 3D digital mammography system

Innovative modular system, upgradeable and configurable of the base of the necessary application:

  • FFDM 2D
  • Tomosynthesis
  • Synthetic Image (G-VIEW)
  • Tomo or stereo biopsy in upright or lateral position
  • Dual Energy