Any digital system DR or RF can be completed with an image workstation to help the user during his daily workload. This separate unit is composed by a PC processor with one or more LCD image display and is able to receive the images acquired by the system and store them on its hard disk.

Image Administration

  • Query local and remote DICOM nodes
  • Load DICOM files from local or remote DICOM nodes
  • Send local images to remote DICOM nodes
  • Customizable displaying fields of the queried results
  • Support previewing
  • Support DICOMDIR
  • Export DICOM files with the format of DICOM, JPEG or BMP
  • Support burning CD/DVD with a mini DICOM viewer
  • Save selected images to local PPACS database

Image Display

  • Multi-screen display
  • Adjustable series and images displaying layout
  • Auto hanging protocol
  • Load multi studies/patients at same time
  • Customizable patient information (DICOM tags) displaying
  • Display DICOM Overlay
  • Multi-means images rolling
  • Image cine
  • Multi-means image navigating
  • Multi-means comparison
  • Display DICOM header information
  • Display image pixel grayscale or CT value by mouse
  • Image selected mark displaying


    Image processing

    • Displaying image according to its WW/WL and LUT
    • Predefined CT WW/WL
    • Support non-linear WW/WL
    • Adjust WW/WL by mouse
    • Automatic optimal local WW/WL
    • Multi-means magnification
    • Image roam
    • Image Flipping horizontally or vertically
    • Image rotating
    • Image inverting
    • Electronic magnifier
    • Displaying image by fitting to window
    • Displaying image pixel by pixel
    • Provide double WW/WLs, automatic double WW/WLs and inverting double WW/WLs


  • Distance, angle and Cobb angle
  • Rectangle, circle, polygon and hand-free drawing area
  • Text annotation

Advanced Film composer

  • Intuitive film composer interface, what you see is what you get
  • Support sub layout
  • Support irregular layout, provide irregular layout template
  • Drag selected images directly to the printing layout
  • Multi-means image selecting
  • Directly image processing in printing layout, include WW/WL, rotating, flipping, inverting, magnifying and roaming etc.
  • Text and image switching function, for switching displaying content between text and image
  • Auto hanging unfinished task when close the film composer
  • Support multi-type printers and multi-size films
  • Support Windows print
  • True Size printing

System configuration

  • Customizable window layout
  • Configurable local image administration, including configurations of local database, networking, local services and storage devices.
  • Customization tools for software modules of the workstation
  • Laser film printer configuration tool
  • Task queue administration tool
  • Log files exporting tool
  • User administration tool
  • Provide external application integrating interface