Mobile radiographic table, with floating, elevating and tilting carbon fibre patient table top. The table can be coupled with ceiling or floor mounted C arm in fixed systems or with "C" arc of mobile units.

The patient table top is moved manually and by motor when it is out of the horizontal position. An ergonomically designed grip, with an incorporated push‐button to unblock the brakes, permits movement of the table top easily to the four directions even if it is loaded with a heavy patient. The patient table top braking is obtained by permanent magnet safety brakes.

Near the grip of the control box, that can be positioned on both sides of the patient table top, there are the push‐ buttons to control the brakes and the motorized movements.

A complete set of accessories to be fixed to the patient table‐top is available on request.


  • Angiography and selective angiography
  • Pace‐maker emplacement
  • Electrophysiology