Mobile radiographic table on swivelling wheels, N 2 front wheels with a blocking device, N2 back wheels parking brakes operating on two castors and their vertical axis this grants a sturdy position of the table. Cantilevered carbon fiber patient table‐top whole profile (upon request with anatomical profile), designed for positioning a patient in the radiographic examinations of angiography and selective angiography, pace‐maker emplacement and electrophysiology.

The table can be coupled with "C" arm units, ceiling or floor mounted units, with fixed or mobile radiological units. The exam patient top is manually moved in horizontal in the four directions with an ergonomically device grips and push‐buttons to control the brakes and the motorized movements.

Near the grip of the control box, that can be positioned on both sides of the patient table top, there are the push‐ buttons to control the brakes and the motorized movements. A complete set of accessories to be‐ fixed to the patient tabletop it is available on request.


  • Angiography and selective angiography
  • Pace‐maker emplacement
  • Electrophysiology