Marketing Department

The Marketing Department performs an important task within GMM organization, being on the one side the main tool gathering and analyzing the market requests, collecting final user's needs and suggestions and, on the other side, the contact with Research Institutions and Organisms and Universities. 

Market  feedback,  applying to clinical and application needs, gathered by GMM Marketing Department  are   conflated into proposals to the R&D Department with a view to  the product  upgrading or modification and design of new equipment providing a higher and higher user-friendliness and application flexibility. Meeting the  customers'  expectations is a key factor for  GMM that  operates through a market-oriented and price-targeted strategy.

GMM participation at the most  important Radiology Congresses all over the world, contributes in spreading the  company brand and image through the exhibition of the last produced equipment. 

Get in contact with us, we will be glad to provide you with GMM product catalogs, video clips, commercial material. 


A high level of quality caracterizes every phase of GMM production cycle (from design to validation, from manufacturing to final testing, from documentation to packing):  the conscientiousness ensured along the whole process, matches with the accuracy and precision featured by GMM Service Department which operates, at the national level and abroad, both directly, from our headquarter, and through the service staff  employed by  Italian Agencies and Distributos abroad respectively. 

Whenever a product upgrading is needed or a new product is introduced in the market, our Service Department timely plans technical training courses  in order to ensure that updated information and knowledge  are properly transferred to GMM  Service engineers:  installation operations and manintenance interventions  applying to our equipments, are always carried out by qualified engineers who, backed up by the availability of spare parts in 24 hours, ensure an efficient and proficient  service.